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Little Shop Of Wonder

Beautiful in its simplicity, the act of using a crayon to put color on paper is an experience that we’ve all shared at some point in our lives and it’s an activity that we’ve watched children enjoy countless times thereafter. Coloring is one of the reasons that stemmed my love for art and continues to fuel it to this day. This was the inspiration for this project and the concept to transform a storefront into a giant coloring book. It was done over a period of two days where I meticulously drew a cornucopia of creatures on about sixty feet of walled surface. It is a tribute to the act of coloring and my love for color. It’s an opportunity for children to break out of the restraints of coloring on paper and get directly on a wall. It’s a reminder to adults about the innate fun of picking up a tool and leaving a mark on a surface. It’s about the wondrous world of color.

Little Shop Of Wonder by Jasper Wong.

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Kruella D’Enfer

Angela Ferreira, also known as Kruella D’Enfer, is an Portuguese artist born in 1988 on a stormy Halloween night and this might explain her fascination with the strange, the surreal and complex world that lives in her ideas. With the help of brushes, sprays, markers, she’s able to expose different scenarios and characters that pop into her mind.
Inspired by the fantastic underworld of old-school tattoos, mythical creatures and legends, constellations, galaxies and all that surrounds her, she can always find different ways to express her creativity, either simple or complex, whether on a wall or a canvas.

Check her out on Facebook / Tumblr / Website.

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Home by Kid Zoom

‘HOME’ an exhibition by Ian ‘Kid Zoom’ Strange

In October 2011, after three years living in New York, artist Ian Strange returned to Australia to create a major new installation work housed in Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall. The exhibition featured a full-scale reproduction of his childhood home and a film documenting the violent destruction of three Holden commodores. This video documents the exhibition and shows excerpts from the film.

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Street artist Retna paints for

This LA-based street artist is currently on the road with his latest exhibition, the “Halleluja World Tour”. Despite hints of Asian calligraphy, Incan and Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew and Arabic script in his work, Retna likens himself more to a typographer rather than inventor of a new language. He talks to about his gang-inspired beginnings, his need to be unhappy and the job that he is here to do.

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Objects vs Paint Exhibition

Cateva poze de la expozitia Objects vs Paint semnata de Brain Potion, iar pentru mai multe poze de la vernisaj, clic AICI.

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Underground Monsters

Underground Monsters by E1000ink.

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1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art : Murals, Tags, and More from Artists Around the World

Graffiti and street art used to be a sure sign of a neighborhood’s neglect. Even though it is still a countercultural art form, its role has grown: it enlivens public space, provides social commentary, and adds humor and color to the urban and suburban landscape.

“1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art” is a showcase of urban art suitable for artists of any medium, designers, and other creative artists looking for urban-style inspiration for their visual work. A visual catalog, it is both a practical, inspirational handbook and a coffee-table conversation piece. Graffiti and street artists–rebellious and non-rebellious alike–will relish the opportunity to have so many ideas for color play, illustration, and wild expressions at their fingertips. Inside you’ll find: -1,000 photographs of graffiti and other types of urban art, with captions that feature location (city, state, country) artist name (if known). -Artwork sorted into categories such as letterforms, stencils, portraits, murals, nature, tags, throw-ups, pieces, and productions -Urban art glossary, basic aerosol painting and street art techniques, and more.

Partial Book on Google Books.

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Jah te iubeste (M.o.V.)

Avem un nou interviu-video cu M.O.V. – Miscarea Oamenilor Visatori “Jah te iubeste” filmat in iarna de catre Veronica Siretanu alaturi de Adelina Dinu, carora le multumim…

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OBEY THE GIANT : The Shepard Fairey Story

This film is based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s first act of street art during his time at Rhode Island School of Design from 1989-1992.

- via The Orion

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Perspective Artistice : Graffiti & Street Art

Un interviu cu istoricul de arta Alexandru Revnic, realizat de Mihai Dragolea (realizatorul I Tag, I Am).
Check it out!

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