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Happy Holidays

Sarbatori Fericite!
Sărbători Fericite!

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Banksy’s Hula-hoop Girl

Banksy‘s Hula-Hooping Girl. Fond in Nottingham England.

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Check out more of BRAGA works on his Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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Iris Scott Is A Master Finger Painter

Iris Scott makes each of her paintings — some of which are 8 feet tall — without using any brushes. All she uses are her fingertips and a pair of gloves. Some of her paintings can sell for over $40,000. She showed us what it takes to be a professional finger painter, and we learned why her artwork can sell for so much.

- via Insider

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15 years of STENCIL.RO

15 ani alaturi de STENCIL.RO. Multi inainte!

STENCIL.RO poate fi gasit si pe Facebook / Youtube / RSS .

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Shepard Fairey 2020 Wall Calendar

Personally designed by Shepard Fairey, this collectible Shepard Fairey 2020 Wall Calendar features never-before-seen art. To call Shepard Fairey a “street artist” is a little deceptive. Although he rose out of the skateboarding scene creating his “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign in the late ’80s, he has achieved a mainstream recognition that most street artists never find. If you’ve seen the Obama Hope poster or the OBEY logo, then you know artist/activist Shepard Fairey.

Can be purchased on Amazon from HERE.

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