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Color Me _____

Color Me ____ art exhibit at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, featuring Andrew Neyer and Andy J. Miller.

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Geometric Bang

Some cool street pieces from the italian artist Geometric Bang.
Also check out Geometric Bang on his Blog / Flickr / Twitter.

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Air Graffiti

AIR Graffiti is an innovative and exciting software that lets participants easily create digital graffiti using a laptop, projection screen, and infrared spray cans.

When the guest presses on an infrared spray can, the infrared light is tracked by the computer to create a vibrant, colorful drawing. Afterwards, the graffiti can be printed as a photo, shared on social media, saved as an electronic file, and saved as a video of the drawing process. The guest can choose colors to spray, use stencils, or apply specialized painting methods. Air Graffiti also includes backgrounds and branded covers, so you can easily add your logo or a customer’s logo for giveaways.

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Jim Power And The Mosaic Trail

For over thirty years, Jim Power a.k.a. Mosaic Man has been transforming the Lower East Side of Manhattan with mosaics, one lamppost at a time.

- via Etsy

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Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

Banksy, the world-renowned graffiti artist made famous by his controversial street art paintings, has returned to his hometown of Bristol to hold an official exhibition of his work, titled Banksy vs Bristol Museum.

- via The Orion

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Fat Heat

I was born in Hungary in a small town. I first got hooked in 1998 when mysterious and colourful letters started to appear on a couple of walls just a few blocks away from my home. I instantly fell in love with the colors, the enormous shapes and the crazy energy that these paintings were emitting. My addiction stopped only once, for six months.

Then they put even stronger stuff in front of my eyes: whole train cars burning in paint, documentaries of a distant subculture from New York, crazy stories and the smell of a fresh and fascinating lifestyle – I just couldn’t resist. I became absolutely immersed from that point on, but I got lucky. I met a couple guys who were struggling with the same beautiful problem, we became true friends, and this is why we founded the Colored Effects crew in 2000.

Graffiti – let’s call it what it is – for me is a passionate but healthy competition, which requires deep concentration. That’s why I try to synchronize this dependency with a lifestyle that is more or less acceptable by the society that surrounds me.

I feel that through my addiction, all of the nights that I’ve spent awake because of it and the dangerous situations that I got out of safely, have helped to give me a really objective perspective on life. Despite the fact that I have given up on the illegal part of “writing” I will always keep those golden years as a great treasure, deep in my heart.

For the present and the future I just try to communicate this knowledge in the most honest way that is possible, whether I paint a small canvas, a huge mural, letters or a character.

My name is Fat Heat, I’m not even thinking of quitting anymore.

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Cut Out Your Way

A short overview of our stencil workshop held in 2012 at our HQ in Bucharest. People learned how to print, cut out and spray a stencil with ORTAKU.
Previous post HERE.

- via Reciclare Creativa

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Eime – 2010.2012

EIME‘s video featuring a collection of outdoor stencil paintings since 2010.
Previously posts HERE and HERE.

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8 years of STENCIL.RO

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The Night Is Our Canvas

Tagtool session by Maki and iink at an abandoned industrial complex right next to the cemetery of the nameless in Vienna. Made with Tagtool for iPad, the multiplayer application for animated art.
Find out more at!

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