Little Shop Of Wonder

Beautiful in its simplicity, the act of using a crayon to put color on paper is an experience that we’ve all shared at some point in our lives and it’s an activity that we’ve watched children enjoy countless times thereafter. Coloring is one of the reasons that stemmed my love for art and continues to fuel it to this day. This was the inspiration for this project and the concept to transform a storefront into a giant coloring book. It was done over a period of two days where I meticulously drew a cornucopia of creatures on about sixty feet of walled surface. It is a tribute to the act of coloring and my love for color. It’s an opportunity for children to break out of the restraints of coloring on paper and get directly on a wall. It’s a reminder to adults about the innate fun of picking up a tool and leaving a mark on a surface. It’s about the wondrous world of color.

Little Shop Of Wonder by Jasper Wong.

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