bARTer : When your passion is your currency

bARTer by Logan Hicks

I have been reflecting on things the past few months.
I realize how lucky I am to be making a living off of my art. I work hard at what I do, but I also know that there are other people who do the same who will never make it. I also realize I have a passion that can translate into a viable living. There are plenty with people who have a passion for things such as gardening, running, wine, cooking, or history who may not be able to find a way to tie their passion into a sustainable, reliable, living. Passion and money are not always proportionate so this bARTer is aimed at those with the most passion, not the most money.
So that’s how the idea of the “bARTer” came up. The concept is easy, take the money out of the equation and use passion as the currency.
I will be releasing 50 unique monoprints. Ten of these will be available exclusively through the bARTer system. Each piece is completely unique. Hand sprayed. signed, stamped and numbered on heavy stock paper.
For those buying retail, the price will be $350 per print. They can be purchased at

For those offering a barter, the rules are simple:
1) The barter must be something that has personal value to you – It must be something that you are passionate about, or that is important to you. It does not necessarily need to be a physical object. Services, information, ideas, suggestions or time are all as valuable as physical objects.
2) whatever you are offering for trade should be guided by your passion, love, interest, desire, or talent. If you have an old TV sitting around and you want to get rid of it, that’s not going to cut it. It has to be something that is unique to you.
3) No art trades. Sorry, but I already have too much art, and not enough walls.
4) in the event that I receive more than 10 offers, I will pick the ones that are the most thoughtful and unique. If there is an positive response, I will consider doing another ART bARTer in the future.
5) I will pay for shipping the print to you. You are responsible for the delivery of whatever you are offering for trade to me.

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