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The Dark Knight Rises Street Art

Posterul filmului The Dark Knight Rises desenat pe calcanul unei cladiri, realizat de Dan Cohen (Art FX Murals).

Si de asemenea si o varianta realizata din creta.

- via TOR / Geek Art Gallery

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The Brandalism project saw 25 artists from 8 countries coming together for the biggest subvertising campaign in UK history. Over five days a team of guerilla installers travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and London and put up artworks that seeks to confront the ad industry and take back our visual landscapes.
Check out the Brandalism gallery, HERE.

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Banksy Animated

Animated Kissing Policemen Stencil.

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Graffiti On A House : AMAZING & AMAZING-IER

This video is so amazing!

Check out the second part of the video, after the jump.
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Nights Off Brasov +

Daca va aduceti aminte postam cu ceva timp in urma o mica interventie a artistului The Orion in orasul Brasov, de unde a rezultat Nights off Brasov.
Acum The Orion revine cu un nou clip Nights Off Brasov + (chiar daca poarta aproape acelasi nume, este o versiune mult mai imbunatatita), cu toata activitatea sa din Brasov, comprimata in aproape 3 minute de hardcore-aleala stradala!
Si pentru mai multe detalii si poze, va invitam pe pagina lui, clic AICI.
Check it out!

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Last Meal

Last Meal by Jake Fried.
Check out his other live paintings HERE.

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Ecole Maternelle Pajol

This is the work of Palatre & Leclere Architectes, a firm that transformed the exterior and interior of this pre-school into a ball of colors. It has to be a joy for the kids that go and learn at Ecole Maternelle Pajol.

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New Banksy Work in London – Child Labour in the UK

A new Banksy piece has appeared on the side of Poundland, Whymark Avenue, London. The stencil depicts a child hard at work sewing some Union Jack bunting, of course another statement on child labour.

- via High Snobiety

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German City Starts Preserving Street Art!

Should graffiti be preserved? In the case of Blek le Rat’s Madonna masterpiece in Leipzig, the city says yes and what begun back in the early 1990s as a true love story, has now become an original precedent!

Several years ago, Blek le Rat – who nowadays is regarded as a stencil art pioneer – spray-painted a Woman with Child on an apartment building in Leipzig. He dedicated the Madonna to Sybille, the woman he was in love with. Today, they are already married for 20 years and the stencil art piece is still there and it will stay there for at least the next decades!

The reason for that development is that the piece is now on Saxony’s state list of historical monuments! It’s a German precedent – whereas Great Britain (with Banksy) and Switzerland (with Harald Naegeli) already started preserving street art, in Germany nobody would have ever thought to classify certain street artworks as culturally valuable…

Typically, only bygone eras are represented on such lists, and it can take a long time for a monument to be chosen. But Le Rat’s Madonna was granted protected status in just three months. It’s not enough for a work to be recognized as high-quality art, it also should be representative of the time period it comes from. (

In my eyes, this is a great story and although preserving street art works against the temporary character of street art, this Leipzig precedent could open more possibilities for artists to become more accepted in common opinion. It’s a perfect chance – we just need to use it!

- via Urban Art Core


Reverse “Graffiti” Reclama

Reverse graffitti cu prin oras. Nu am folosit spray-uri sau vopsele, ci am curatat de mizerie asfaltul cu jet de apa. Am profitat de stratul de mizerie din Bucuresti, pentru a arata pe strada, simbolic, ce inseamna curatoriatul.
Nu este deloc graffiti (in reverse graffiti), dar este un mod mai destept so curat de a face reclama fata de restul.

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