German City Starts Preserving Street Art!

Should graffiti be preserved? In the case of Blek le Rat’s Madonna masterpiece in Leipzig, the city says yes and what begun back in the early 1990s as a true love story, has now become an original precedent!

Several years ago, Blek le Rat – who nowadays is regarded as a stencil art pioneer – spray-painted a Woman with Child on an apartment building in Leipzig. He dedicated the Madonna to Sybille, the woman he was in love with. Today, they are already married for 20 years and the stencil art piece is still there and it will stay there for at least the next decades!

The reason for that development is that the piece is now on Saxony’s state list of historical monuments! It’s a German precedent – whereas Great Britain (with Banksy) and Switzerland (with Harald Naegeli) already started preserving street art, in Germany nobody would have ever thought to classify certain street artworks as culturally valuable…

Typically, only bygone eras are represented on such lists, and it can take a long time for a monument to be chosen. But Le Rat’s Madonna was granted protected status in just three months. It’s not enough for a work to be recognized as high-quality art, it also should be representative of the time period it comes from. (

In my eyes, this is a great story and although preserving street art works against the temporary character of street art, this Leipzig precedent could open more possibilities for artists to become more accepted in common opinion. It’s a perfect chance – we just need to use it!

- via Urban Art Core

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3 Responses to German City Starts Preserving Street Art!

  1. Here’s an original version of this piece in Paris.
    This one has been removed.

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