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Banksy + Justin Bieber

Hey ghici cine si-a facut tatuaj cu lucrarea lui Banksy “Girl with a Baloon”. Da, chiar el, unicul si al dreacului Iustin Bibăr (Justin Bieber). Probabil din cauza ca este un adevarat connoisseur al artelor stradale, si cum sa dovedeasca acest lucru cel mai bine, decat prin realizarea unui tatuaj cu unul dintre cel mai popular sablon de la Banksy, scriu popular pentru ca s-a vandut cel mai mult sub forma de carcase de telefon, mousepad-uri, tricouri si magneti de frigider. Regretam totusi faptul ca tanarul Iustin nu si-a tatuat ACEST faimos sablon al lui Banksy, de preferat pe frunte, ca un connoisseur adevarat ce este.
Oricum, cine zice ca poza nu este un fals marca Banksy, deoarece doar o poza exista care se gaseste la Banksy pe Instagram, iar faptul ca are un Instagram si o pagina de Facebook oficial verificata, imi spune ca are nevoie de atentie.
Saracul Banksy!

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The IdN Monument

Celebrating the 100th issue of IdN Magazine.
Idea, direction and production by David Strindberg & Johan Bring of PUNX STHLM.
Music by STYGG, remixed by Kungen & Hertigen.

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Alternative Stencil Fonts #3

Merkur by Malwin Béla Hürkey. Download the font from HERE.

Starbust by David Rakowski. Download the font from HERE.

Komika Krak by Vigilante Typeface Corporation. Download the font from HERE.

Tribal Garamond by Raslani Shaashimov. Download the font from HERE.

Inner City by Mike Wolf. Download the font from HERE.

Alternative Stencil Fonts : Pack #1 | Pack #2

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Alternative Stencil Fonts #2

Pants Patrol by Typodermic Fonts. Download the font from HERE.

Katalyst by Ænigma. Download the font from HERE.

Maceriam Simplex by JBFoundry. Download the font from HERE.

Brad by Superfunk. Download the font from HERE.

System by Adrián Flores. Download the font from HERE.

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Propulsion Painting

Propulsion Painting : USA

Propulsion Paintings : Class Medley

Propulsion Painting : Pinwheel

Propulsion Painting : Ping Pong

Propulsion Painting : Ball

Made by Evan Roth, part of Welcome to Detroit.
Check it out!

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Laser Knuckles 0.1

A low cost system for writing POV text with lasers. Laser Knuckles can be built for 50 Euros using either an Arduino Pro or a MiniPOV v3 kit.
Instructions on how to build your own can be viewed here.
Made by Evan Roth in collaboration with Julien Tèchoueyres for Graffiti Research Lab France.

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Pixel Clouds

Pixel Clouds made by artist Daniel Arsham.

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Instruments Of Mass Destruction

Instruments Of Mass Destruction a.k.a. a complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism.

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Alternative Stencil Fonts #1

Sliced Juice by Peter Fritzsche. Download the font from HERE.

Gridshift by Dave Panfili. Download the font from HERE.

Medication Needed by TracerTong. Download the font from HERE.

Sniper Shot by Fonts Bomb. Download the font from HERE.

Cosmical Disfase by Jesús Sandoval Tapia. Download the font from HERE.

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Bomb It! by Infectious

From the street to the skin. The idea of this design challenge is to create submissions based on graffiti and street art forms. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a aspiring noob. Submissions can be anything from a tag, to a full piece, to stencils, to work that’s simply inspired by street art. Our guest judge is Adam Rozan the Audience Development Manager for the Oakland Museum of California and founder of Broken Meter a fresh street art documenting zine.

Need to brush up on your bombing skillz? Check out Wild Style City created by our friends over at Earthmine This smoove app let’s you cruise SF and bomb on walls without leaving your chair! Find the Infectious designated walls (shortcut in map) and represent! The instructions pop up on arrival but they’re tucked away in the backpack if you need them again. Get to it Infectoids!

We recommend you use one of our handy templates (available at the bottom of this page). But if you’re lazy or don’t have the computer nerd skills to do it, you can just upload an image of your art.

Winners will be paid via PayPal. No exceptions, please make sure you can access and receive PayPal funds for prize payment. Otherwise prize money will be transferred into gift certificate to be used on Infectious products.
For more details, click HERE.
Good Luck!

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