URBANBUGS : A Street Art Documentary

Urbanbugs is a documentary from Turkey focuses on street art concepts such as Graffiti, Stencil, Wheatpasting. Besides it’s visual contribution to the urban life, street art concepts became a sociological matter due to the their political messages. In this context, this documentary is trying to analyse the sociocultural reflections of street art concept in Turkey.

Urbanbugs este un documentar despre graffiti si street art-ul din Turcia anului 2010, cu partea cea mai interesanta incepand la minutul 22, cand incep discutiile despre ce cred grafferii despre street artisti si invers, documentarul devine chiar si hilar. Este de inteles ca este in 2010 filmat, dar ideile de atunci, fata de Romania din ziua de astazi, parca s-au inversat.
Urbanbugs este un documentar ok, poate cam generic, dar care merita vazut.

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