Aske a.k.a. Sicksystem

A mural made in 2013 during the Art-Ovrag Festival in Vyksa, Russia. Size: 9×6 m.

Aske aka Sicksystems is a Moscow-based graphic artist who started his artistic career in 2000 as a graffiti writer and later moved on further developing his style in graphic design, typography, illustration, and modern graphics.

Aske’s unique style has become quite popular in Europe and North America, and his client list includes both large prominent companies and small independent brands. In 2010 Print Magazine, USA chose Aske along with other nineteen young artists from all over the world for their special annual issue called New Visual Artists—20 under 30.

Aske doesn’t limit his art to certain art forms and enjoys creating both digital artworks, as well as canvases and art objects made out of plywood and foamed polystyrene. What he loves best is to combine working on a computer with handwork.

Always looking for new ways to develop his art, Aske tries to do as many interesting projects as possible. His motto is to move forward and enjoy what he does.

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