Stencil Art Norway

Cateva imagine de la expozitia Stencil Art Norway care a avut loc pe data de 13 Aprilie – 5 Mai, in Stavanger, Norvegia. Printre artistii care au expus la aceasta expozitie se numara si DOLK, PØBEL, ANDERS GJENNESTAD AKA STRØK, MARTIN WHATSON, DOTDOTDOT, MIR, STEIN, & HAMA.

Street Art Norway takes an historical look at the art of cutting and spraying in Norway. It brings together two generations of artists and presents work, much of it exclusive to the show, spanning over a decade of production. It wasn’t long after Banksy’s visit to Bergen in 2000 that now globally recognised stencil artist Dolk cut his first stencil. Banksy’s visit kick started a Norwegian love affair with the stencil that influenced a generation who in turn are influencing the next.

Street Art Norway takes a look at these early days and follows the culture up to the present day in this, Norway’s first group exhibition dedicated exclusively to Norwegian Stencil Art.

Mai multe imagini pe site-ul organizatorilor, AICI.

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