En Electric

Just when I.S.A.F. Timișoara 2012 (International Street Art Festival) was done, I received a phone call regarding a commissioned project for ENEL. Big one.

It is about “City of Energy”, held in a few places in Romania: Bucharest, Timișoara and Constanța.
Alex Baciu and I represented the whole west side of Romania: Timișoara.

After two months, we finally got started.
~ 100 sq meters to paint, walls up to 5 meters high, over 175 meters of paper tape, every possibble kind of weather: sun, wind, rain, snow, either day or night, 10 days of hard work, a bit over 13.000 photos taken and the good old luck.

More information & photos: bit.ly/VMnQJA

The whole project reveals the energy.
During the day in our houses, cities, world, very important to a human being, and by night, when the forces of nature amaze us and our very own creation power, energy and inspiration, thanks to… electricity.
” – The Orion

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