De Fish magazine

De Fish magazine

DE FISH is a cool printed streetartmagazine by young photographers, writers,
designers, illustrators, graphic designers etc. We also like to welcome new

Want to get published?
If you have photos, writings, drawings, musings, insights, critiques, scribbles or anything else you can think of that you want to see in the pages of an upcoming issue of De Fish, all you have to do is:

Guidelines De Fish magazine:
30,1 by 21,4 cm (*landscape) is the rough format, which loses 2 mm at each side in finishing, so the final format is 29,7 by 21 cm.(A4)
If you’re using text (or you wanna place a logo), make sure there is at least 15 mm between it and the borders of the rough format.

Submit Your Artwork:
one file: a jpg or pdf file in high res. Only emails less than 5 MB can be received. You may have to resize your images to accommodate this. You can send multiple emails. If your images is selected for publication in the magazine, we will contact you for the original. Off course feel free to send the original image at once.
Send to if this mailbox is full then to
if possible send the same file also in layers as photoshopfile (psd) on 72dpi for example, we maybe like to create a videopage of your creation, so that we can put this on our website
or send your files by post on CD to:
Domensino Media bvba
Pieter De Coninckstraat 1
2600 Berchem
Submissions will not be returned. Please send only things you can part with on a permanent basis.

-via Vlad Nancă

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  1. Renata says:

    ok, explaining again!=Di just arrived in bucarest…im from brazil and i do stencils im living here!do you have any contat where i can talk to you?here ir my msn : vip_sohrty@hotmail.comanswerrrrrrrrrrrrthaks!

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