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Deadwood Waves

Deadwood Waves by Jörg Gläscher.
The artist and photographer spent six months in a secluded location near Hamburg collecting deadwood and constructing nine large crests made of branches and twigs. The largest crest was four meters high and nine meters wide. He photographed each iteration before destroying it to reuse the materials, creating a new landscape with the former thriving matter.
More about the project HERE.

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Long Live The Lockdown by The Rebel Bear

Long Live The Lockdown! by Glasgow street muralist The Rebel Bear.
Check out more of The Rebel Bear’s art on Instagram / Wikipedia.

- via Edinburgh News

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Check out more of BRAGA works on his Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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Paola Delfin Mural in Resita

Mural made by Paola Delfín in Resita, Romania.
Check out more fantastic works from Paola Delfín on her Facebook / Instagram.

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Kitt Bennett Gigantic Ground Murals

Gigantic ground-level murals made by Kitt Bennett.

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St+art India

India is a country that bubbles with creative energy. But from the colorful fashions to the extravagance of Bollywood, the same images tend to spring to mind to us outsiders. St+art India is on a mission to change the way we think about art, India and the relationship between the two.

Founded in 2014, the group – led by Akshat Nauriyal, Hanif Kureshi, Arjun Bahl, Thanish Thomas and Giulia Ambrogi – brings colorful art projects to India’s streets.

Mainly working in residential neighborhoods with local government support, the non-profit engages the public through huge, eye-catching murals painted on street corners, intersections or apartment buildings. Since the first projects in New Delhi, St+art India has expanded to eight cities in the past four years. They’ve even been credited with creating the country’s first art district – Lodhi Colony in Delhi.

- via WePresent / WeTransfer

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Street Delivery 2018

Cateva poze cu peretii gata de la Street Delivery 2018.
Felicitari tuturor care au participat la acest eveniment.

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Influencer Mural

Un mural a aparut in LA unde doar pentru cei cu peste 20.000 followeri puteau sa intre in cortul amenajat sa-l vada. Dupa cateva zile, muralul a devenit public, iar cateva zile si mai tarziu, a fost desenat altceva peste el.
Ideea din spatele acestui proiect ii apartine lui Dillon Francis.


Atomic Blonde’s Stencil Graffiti Titles + M-CITY

M-CITY piece in the background

M-CITY piece in the background

Atomic Blonde’s title design made by Ivar Edding. Check out more of the titles HERE.
Atomic Blonde tells the story of an undercover MI6 agent sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents. The movie is based on Antony Johnston and Sam Hart’s 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City.

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The Works Of MATEO

Collage and Stencil artist, Mathieu Bories alias Mateo questions the perception of the world which surrounds us. His humanistic approach emphasizes a nostalgia of childhood as well as a romanticism erased in our contemporary society.
Forgotten images, photography, travel documents accumulated in search of timeless knowledge are the raw material of a personal composition, a monologue of the soul.
Check out more of Mateo works on his Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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