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Galeria Noua

Fara zgomot, fara pancarte, fara circ. Sambata ne agatam (la propriu) de Galeria Noua! Nu stim daca mai poate ajuta cu ceva galeria (care se inchide fortata de imprejurari, dupa cum stiti prea bine), dar credem ca oamenii pentru care Galeria Noua a contat, trebuie sa aiba un raspuns vizibil! Asadar, *sambata 15.03.2008, intre 13:00 si 13:15 facem un lant uman pe trotuarul din fata Galeriei Noua. * Poate e primul pas catre normalitate. Poate va ajuta pe viitor alte galerii / institutii de cultura / proiecte, etc.


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Bla bla bla…

-via Academia Caţavencu


Banksy’s latest street work

“This is Banksys latest street work on the Essex Road, London N1. I filmed the spot for 1 hour on 6th March 2008. It was interesting to note the diverse cross section of the local community that were interested in his work.”

-via Wooster Collective

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Javan Ivey’s Stratastencil

“An experimental animation exploring the “Stratastencil” technique that I’ve devised. Inspired by the Stratacut technique, Stratastencil is an additive process. Stratacut removes material to reveal another layer, while this technique adds another layer while still showing the layer before it.”
Click HERE.

-via Butcher

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Felicitari K

Ti-a ajuns un stencil coperta de audiobook.

-via Compact

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Graffiti Sofa

A sofa that retains the marks when scratched. Not only may people leave their marks/memories on the surface of the sofa but may also erase them by ironing the cloth.

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Mixing real world environments with cartoon characters.


Sun Tattoo

Sun Tatto
Sun Tattoo is a soft stencil which can be used for making the tattoo pattern on the skin by sunshine. It’s better to use it with sunless tanning cream.


Virtual Murals

“Creating a piece of graffiti art can be a demanding task, especially when you’re working against the clock. Justin Maller shows you how to ease the pain by planning and designing a digital mural in Photoshop.”
Clic AICI.

-via Alexandru Dinulescu

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CODE RED magazine

CODE RED graffiti magazine, click here.

-via Francisc Zinz