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Un site care le contine mai pe toate. Destul de interesant.

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Roundtable: Street Art

It’s art, it’s play, it’s political protest—no matter what it’s called, street art is all around us, changing the face of our cities when no one’s looking. So what is it exactly?” – Pitchaya Sudbanthad


Graffiti Rugs

TOYCULTURE.COM has recently commissioned exclusive RUG designs from some Internationally famous urban and fine artists, and has produced a stunning bespoke limited edition range of the finest, handknotted, 100% woollen rugs, in an extraordinary variety of styles and sizes.

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Street Art Sites

Some nice street art sites,



Respect 89

Anul asta se implinesc 16 ani de cand unii ca noi au iesit pe strada pentru ca vroiau sa schimbe ceva. Au iesit in strada. Dupa 16 ani putem spune ca au invins pentru ca noi putem sa iesim pe strada fara sa ne fie teama. Putem iesi in strada si acolo suntem liberi. Multumita lor.

Anul asta statul roman a ales sa construiasca un monument halucinant de urat pentru cei ce au murit in 89. Nu putem darama momumentul dar noi stim mai bine decat ei ce inseamna arta in spatiul public. Suntem liberi sa facem ceva sa aratam respectul pentru cei ce au iesit pe strada in 1989.

Fa-ti un sablon, ia un spray si fii liber. Poti folosi desenul atasat sau poti sa faci propriul tau desen. Speram doar sa folosesti aceleasi elemente: semnul victoriei, cuvantul RESPECT si ‘89.

Revolutia s-a facut pe strada!
Download stencil aici.

- via Vlad Nanca –


Sticky Situation 1.0

Detaliile despre expozitia Sticky Situation le gasiti pe afis.
Deasemenea tot in acea zi de la ora 22 la Patinoar party hip-hop + drum & bass
Evenimentele vor avea loc in Sibiu.

- via Vlad Nanca

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Asphalt Mosaics

…method for making colorful, permanent mosaic installations in asphalt roads and lots.
- via Vlad Nanca


Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary: Define Your World
STENCIL : A form of graffiti where you cut out a picture on a cardboard and put up against the wall and sprayed with paint, creating a perfect print like image.

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The Making Of Balerina Basescu

- via HC Crew

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Anti-Ad Poster Campaign

What if you could put a message on any billboard?
What would you say to the millions of people who see them every day?
Here’s your chance to say it.
Download a printable file of this poster

Here are a few examples of what people who saw our “Ad Lib” poster campaign would like to see in the place of outdoor advertising.