Street Art Gathering “Jumpa Tembok 2″

Street Art Gathering “Jumpa Tembok 2″ in Tangerang, Indonesia.
Artists at event:
Urat Malo Kuat, Brain attack, Otak kanan, Student, The ROBOWOBO, Squad Moon, Zrie, Orbs, Tas-Tas, Pipi, Ksc, Movetwo, Boy, Art Core, Art Home, CTSW, AcilBie, Shock, Mins , RAT, Two Fingers, MOE, Nemo Cherris, Art Project, CSF, KIY, Snooz, Kusem Art, R.A.M, Vanr, MIA Crew, Justice, Clownzire, Colase, Hysteri Art, MOD, The Pow, Manual Squad, CMZ, CCSA, AEC, Terza, Art Kids, Nide, Nermz, Simple art, Fosil, Ichn, K.I.P, Tembok Kusam.

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