Typopassage TypeSpace 2012

Typopassage Timisoara is a micro museum located in a public space, dedicated to graphic design and the art of shaping letters. It’s the first international extension of Typopassage Vienna initiated by the genius Ovidiu Hrin and Bauer Konzept & design.

In 2011, TPTM launched the Typ’O'wall – a 28 sq. meters graffiti covering the entire wall of the passage, with concept of the artwork related to typography. Thus, last year’s subject “TypeFace”, was brought to life thanks to my friend “Jones”.

Now, in 2012, I was the lucky one.
Commissioned to rethink and paint the wall by the nature of it’s subject, “TypeSpace”, I’ve tried to do my best.
Hard work. It was all about putting my balls at work.
More information and photos: bit.ly/Oy15ro

Thanks for all the wise words & this opportunity Ovidiu Hrin and all Synopsis Media staff, Stefan Lucut, Caius Mersa, D’Arc, Ovidiu Carabet, U-Man and all the ones that appreciated my work and didn’t tried to destroy it.

Soundtrack: Mindthings – Emotion Vibes; Bop – 8 Bit Cosmos.

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  1. The M♥nk says:

    Foarte fain!

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