Reverse Graffiti Ad

Miller Genuine Draft is cold filtered to give it a distinctive smooth, refreshing taste.
To bring this filtration process to life, a new campaign features clean art – a form of street art where people use high pressure water hoses to remove dirt from walls and buildings to reveal extraordinary designs.

The reverse graffiti designs were created by Lotie!

Shot in Bucharest, Romania.
Agency : Leo Burnett London
Director: Lynn Fox

O parte din desene chiar au fost desenate pe fostul sediu SRI, au rezistat o vreme iar apoi toate fatadele au fost spalate. Foarte rau pentru ca aratau foarte frumos. Locatia AICI.

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2 Responses to Reverse Graffiti Ad

  1. The Orion says:

    Fain sentimentul cand vezi ceva bun facut n tara ta.

  2. Tudor says:

    Mama.. am crezut ca vomit cand am vazut reclama la bere la sfarsit.

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