See No Evil

A documentary short looking at ‘See No Evil and the rise of the global street art movement.

Europe’s largest street art installation transformed Nelson Street in Central Bristol into a massive outdoor art gallery.

The documentary features interviews with some of the 72 artists involved
including Inkie, Tats Cru, El Mac, Nick Walker, Shoe, Xenz,
China Mike and Paris. Over the course of a week the artists used over 13,400
cans of spray paint to create huge murals, up to 10 storey’s high.

The film also explores how street art has a natural home in Bristol and explains the cities long and colorful graffiti history. Organised by Inkie, Team Love and Weapon of Choice with the support of Bristol City Council and Nelson Street’s building owners. Bristol celebrated the project with an NYC style block party and three ‘Hear No Evil’ events in the disused Westgate building on Nelson Street.

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