Anti-Ad Poster Campaign

What if you could put a message on any billboard?
What would you say to the millions of people who see them every day?
Here’s your chance to say it.
Download a printable file of this poster

Here are a few examples of what people who saw our “Ad Lib” poster campaign would like to see in the place of outdoor advertising.

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2 Responses to Anti-Ad Poster Campaign

  1. The Monk says:

    Cu tot respectu’ pentru AAA, dar daca nu au sediul in Romania sau chiar in Bucuresti… :(Am mai inatlnit si la noi astfel de proiecte, precum faimosu’:www.pulafashion.comMerita, pentru ca este mai aproape, dar nu zic ca nici AAA nu merita! Poti sa le faci reclama prin stencilu’ AAA, care se gaseste in sectiunea de downloads.Pace…

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