Nikola Tesla Mural

This mural, dedicated to the life of Nikola Tesla, is freshly painted on the outside of our office building. Turbine Flats in Lincoln, Nebraska is a home to many small businesses and innovators so it’s fitting that Tesla adorns the entire western wall of the building.

- via The Orion / Imgur

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Be Street Smart!

Be Street Smart!

VINERI 26 iulie
Concert live The Mob (ora 20.00)
Live graffiti session by Sweet Damage Crew

SÂMBĂTĂ 27 iulie
DJ live set by Vlad Dobrescu (începând cu ora 16:00)

Urban Fair este primul târg care promovează exclusiv cultura urbană din România. Se va desfăşura pe parcursul a trei zile (în perioada 26 – 28 iulie) la The Trafalgar Pub & Restaurant (str. David Emanuel, nr. 4A, sector 1, Bucureşti).

Brand-urile invitate acoperă o gamă largă de interese, de la streetwear, skate, personalizare gadget-uri, la canvas-uri, produse handmade şi CD-uri cu rap românesc. Printre acestea se numără PORC, SO PROUD, 47 SINS, TATTOOIT, OLLIE GANG SHOP, EROILOR MAFIA , BELEA şi SCRATCH THE WATCH.

Independent. Interesant şi interesat de cultura urbană. Pasionat şi dezinteresat, dar neinteresat de stereotipuri. Dacă tocmai ţi-ai citit portretul robot, URBAN FAIR e pentru tine! Te aşteptăm la un chill session pe terasă în centrul Bucureştiului, într-un mediu plăcut şi creativ, asezonat cu preparate delicioase şi băuturi răcoroase.

Târgul va fi deschis pe parcursul întregului weekend începând cu ora 12:00. Intrarea este liberă.


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Nestea Live Painting Event

Inscrierile in competitia artistilor Nestea au luat sfarsit. Urmeaza etapa de live painting!

Vino joi, 25 iulie incepand cu ora 16:30 la terasa Van Gogh din Centrul Vechi – Str. Smardan, nr. 9 – sa descoperi povestea Nestea prin ochii celor mai talentati artisti urbani din competitie.

Cele mai inspirate lucrari vor fi expuse in tara, sub forma de panouri publicitare Nestea.

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Glacier Graffiti

- via Reed Projects

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Stencil Art Norway

Cateva imagine de la expozitia Stencil Art Norway care a avut loc pe data de 13 Aprilie – 5 Mai, in Stavanger, Norvegia. Printre artistii care au expus la aceasta expozitie se numara si DOLK, PØBEL, ANDERS GJENNESTAD AKA STRØK, MARTIN WHATSON, DOTDOTDOT, MIR, STEIN, & HAMA.

Street Art Norway takes an historical look at the art of cutting and spraying in Norway. It brings together two generations of artists and presents work, much of it exclusive to the show, spanning over a decade of production. It wasn’t long after Banksy’s visit to Bergen in 2000 that now globally recognised stencil artist Dolk cut his first stencil. Banksy’s visit kick started a Norwegian love affair with the stencil that influenced a generation who in turn are influencing the next.

Street Art Norway takes a look at these early days and follows the culture up to the present day in this, Norway’s first group exhibition dedicated exclusively to Norwegian Stencil Art.

Mai multe imagini pe site-ul organizatorilor, AICI.

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Listen to the Oldschool

Listen to the Oldschool

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Stencil Art Prize : World Stencil Prize


The inaugural World Stencil Prize is now open for entries. Deadline for entries is 15 August 2013.

The winner of the 2013 World Stencil Prize will take home a $2000 cash prize (Australian Dollars) and win the world title. The inaugural World Stencil Prize will exhibit alongside the Australian Stencil Art Prize at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Sydney from the 16 – 27 October 2013.

The Prize is run by the organisers of the Australian Stencil Art Prize. After many inquiries from international artists asking to enter the Australian Stencil Art Prize, it became evident that there was a demand for an international prize.

The Stencil Art Prize is the only large scale prize in the world that exists to recognise and reward stencil artists. The Stencil Art Prize has two entry categories – the Australian Stencil Art Prize (Australian artists only) and the World Stencil Prize (open to all artists).

From 2009 – 2012, the Australian Stencil Art Prize was the only art prize of its kind and will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year.

In response to mounting interest from international stencil artists, the organisers of the Australian Stencil Art prize have restructured the annual prize and launched the Stencil Art Prize in 2013. This year, for the first time, international artists will have the opportunity to submit artworks for judging through the World Stencil Prize category of the Stencil Art Prize.

Objective :
- Recognise and reward stencil artists
- Provide recognition for stencil art as an artform in its own right
- Archive stencil art

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Criber Graffiti Contest Photos

Cateva poza de la Concursul de Graffiti CRIBER, de pe 12 iulie de la Piatra Neamt.
Pentru restul pozelor, le gasiti AICI. Poze realizate, desigur, de Ciprian Sarbu.
Felicitari participantilor!

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INSA’s GIF-ITI, check it out HERE!

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REVOK and POSE and the Transformation of The Houston Wall

It took 80 hours and seven humid, sticky days and nights to complete, longer than it took God to make Heaven and Earth, according to scriptures.

But the powerful transformation of the famed Houston street wall that took place last week had as profound an effect on many New York fans of street art and Graffiti as the melting of the North and South poles. And that was probably intentional.

Of the many references are three call outs to their recently and painfully departed MSK brother Nekst, who a handful of crew members had joined together to eulogize on smaller walls in Brooklyn the previous weekend. Among the other names included are Ayer, Vizie, Cheech Wizard, Omenz, Sace, Case 2, Semz, Tie One, Rammellzee, and “All You See is Crime in the City” –- a phrase associated with a famous train car work by Skeme from the 1980s documentary “Style Wars”. The guys even did shout outs to their kids.

Aside from the art category labels and the odes to community, both Revok and Pose are doubled up on this wall because of their common regard for sampling – that is, the combining of a variety of disparate elements and re-contextualizing them. As a basis for their fine art show that just opened at Jonathan Levine Gallery while they were in the city, the two have found that they both have a fairly active studio practice that they can collaborate on also.

Restul articolului AICI.

- via The Orion

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