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Forum Down

Avem cateva probleme cu forumul din cauza hostului, dar speram sa le rezolvam cat mai repede.

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Stencilism Word

On the moving bar : “Va rog sa-l intrebati pe invitat daca este posibil sa fie un dezastru de stencilism? T.M.

On the moving bar : “Credeti ca experimentele tehnice de stencilism o sa afecteze cumva si clima? In Transilvania au fost zvonuri de realizari deosebite in stencilism ce n-au fost date publicitatii

- via Leeroy & The Monk



Stencil graffiti, serigraffiti or pochoir Seems to appear on a wider scale in Paris, mid-80′s, and soon thereafter in Berlin and New York. It is usually executed by academic trained artists, albeit this is an illegal art form.
The ìstencilî could be either negative or positive, and it is commonly cut out in cardboard, plastic or metal to leave a pattern, a text or a picture on the wall, sometimes repeated and varied; it is set tight up on the wall and held steadily while spray painted.
Well known stencil artist are Blek le Rat in France, Die Bananen Sprayer in Germany and John Fekner in USA, but there are hundreds of others major or minor stencil artists too.

Lit.: Huber, Joerg: Serigraffitis. Hazan, Paris 1986. and Robinson, David: SoHo Walls. T&H, N.Y. 1990.
Source: The International Dictionary of Aerosol Art


- via Dragois

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Castigatorii concursului de stencil U-MAN


The Culture Show with Banksy


Cutting A Stencil

Video HERE.
Bamby Version

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Hektor – Robotergestutzter Graffitikurs

Together with the graphic designers of Schunwehrs, Hektor gave the workshop “Robotergestutzter Graffitikurs, Lektion 1 – 4″ in the gallerie Wieland in Berlin: During 4 performances on 4 following days, Hektor gave a brief introduction in the history of graffiti.


Space Painting

Video HERE.
Spraypaint Pic


M-CITY from Poland

“The unbelievable M-CITY from Poland were in Belgium for the INDEPENDENT ARTS FESTIVAL and they blew me away with the sheer scale of what they were doing… UNBELIEVABLE… hundreds of huge beautiful hand cut stencils…”

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