INDECLINE : Largest Illegal Graffiti Piece In the World

INDECLINE describe themselves as an “underground movement” of “activists, musicians, graffiti writers, [and] photographers,” but you probably remember them either as the creators of the Bumfights videos, or as the guys who got arrested for allegedly stealing body parts from a hospital in Thailand.

The piece of graffiti, which reads “THIS LAND WAS OUR LAND”, was made on a disused landing strip in California’s Mojave Desert. It took six days of work, contains over 250 gallons of paint, and is over half a mile wide. This makes it about twice as wide as MTA’s piece on the LA River bed, which, before it was removed, was generally considered to be the world’s largest piece of illegal graffiti.

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- via The Orion

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Posted on June 6, 2015

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