Défense d’afficher

This is because we love to walk around the city and find out where street art leads us that the idea of this interactive documentary has emerged.
Looking around for street art is a way of thinking outside the box, another way to capture the energy of a city… and its reality.
Throughout the world, in places largely ignored by tourists, artists tell us their concerns. In Sao Paulo, Alexandre Orion speaks of human being’s place in the city; in Paris, Ludo criticizes the media hype; in Athens, Bleeps addresses the consequences of the economic crisis. Universal themes.
To allow visitors exploring what street art says about cities and the world today, the interactive documentary “Défense d’afficher” offers users a virtual tour inside a city they do not know. According to this wandering, they will have access to eight documentaries of about 7′ each, shot in the streets of New York, Paris, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Turku, Athens, Nairobi and Singapore as well as multiple additional content. Randomly generated, this course will be different for each.
At the end of this experience, “Défense d’afficher” continues in the street. We encourage site users to find street art around them. With our partner All City, iPhone owners can geotag and share the artworks they found. It is also the ideal application to track well-known street artists and discover new ones, worldwide.

Watch Défense d’afficher documentary, HERE.

- via The Orion

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Posted on March 22, 2012

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