Graffiti Wall

Now, artists can digitally “paint” a surface in the same way they can tag a wall with traditional spray paint. This multi-user application is perfectly poised to engage large groups of people at parties or festivals, and immerse them in a cool common activity. Tested with more than 10 writers at the same time, graffiti wall can be used by almost any size audience with ease and precision. Conversely, with a single artist, the Graffiti Wall’s animation option can be used to make a riveting performance piece.

Posted on May 9, 2009


  1. Anonymous says:

    ce penibile sunt prostiile astea facute sa scoata graffiti-ul de pe strazi.

  2. The Monk says:

    Nu cred ca-i bine scris “sa scoata graffiti-ul de pe strazi”, caci mai degraba vor sa-l faca cool si sa-l bage peste tot, prin galerii, pe la tot felul de eventuri.

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