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It’s Called Art – Take The Money And Run

According to the BBC, a court has ordered Danish artist Jens Haaning to pay The Kunsten Museum in Aalborg, Denmark, 500.000 kroner. That’s just a bit under $77.000.
That’s because the artist had been paid for an art piece and sent the museum exactly that. He titled the piece “Take The Money And Run” and it just so happened to be comprised of two blank canvases.

- via Outkick

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Deadwood Waves

Deadwood Waves by Jörg Gläscher.
The artist and photographer spent six months in a secluded location near Hamburg collecting deadwood and constructing nine large crests made of branches and twigs. The largest crest was four meters high and nine meters wide. He photographed each iteration before destroying it to reuse the materials, creating a new landscape with the former thriving matter.
More about the project HERE.

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How Basquiat and Street Artists Left Their Mark on Hip-Hop Culture

By 1984, 24-year-old Jean-Michel Basquiat had already broken into the mainstream art world. But the onetime street artist still couldn’t shake the legacy of his teenage years spent writing graffiti on the streets of New York City — mostly under the moniker of “SAMO” which he often used to critique the commodification of art.

There was really no ambition in it at all,” Basquiat told the interviewer Marc Miller that year in an episode of “ART/new york,” a video series on contemporary art. “It was stuff from a young mind, you know what I mean?

But the artist was not alone in his teenage pursuits: He was part of a constellation of young graffiti artists who used New York City’s streets and subways as their canvases before going on to take both the art world and hip-hop culture by storm. Their works are the subject of “Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation,” an exhibition on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston through July 25, which charts how Basquiat and 11 other street artists, most of them Black or Latino — Fab 5 Freddy, Lady Pink, Lee Quiñones, Keith Haring, Rammellzee, Toxic, A-One, Kool Koor, ERO, Futura and LA2 — formed the post-graffiti movement in 1980s New York City.

- via The New York Times

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Iris Scott Is A Master Finger Painter

Iris Scott makes each of her paintings — some of which are 8 feet tall — without using any brushes. All she uses are her fingertips and a pair of gloves. Some of her paintings can sell for over $40,000. She showed us what it takes to be a professional finger painter, and we learned why her artwork can sell for so much.

- via Insider

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Banksy’s Self-Destructing Painting

In a moment that caught the art world by surprise, Banksy’s Girl with Balloon self-destructed just as the final hammer signaled the end of an evening of auctions in London. The work sold for £1,042,000 ($1.4 million), tying the artist’s record in pounds at auction previously achieved in 2008.

The framed work, spray paint and acrylic on canvas, mounted on board depicted a girl reaching out toward a bright red, heart shaped balloon – one of Banksy’s most iconic images – began to pass through a shredder hidden in the frame.

- via Sotheby’s

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Projection Napping

Dawn Of Man catches a quick snooze in the city that never sleeps.
Part of an ongoing series of site-specific video installation work, utilizing the latest in projection napping technology.
These massive nappers were projected throughout NYC over the course of several weeks, occurring unannounced, and each lasting only for a few hours. An unsuspecting audience usually emerges at each location, often sparked with intrigue, sometimes enlightenment, and always a whole lot of questions.
Projection Napping is ongoing, and will most likely be continuing to doze off from time to time, throughout NYC and beyond.

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Instant Art Career

An interactive installation with a sophisticated painting machine which turns anyone into a successful artist. For more details about the project, click HERE.

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Street artist Retna paints for

This LA-based street artist is currently on the road with his latest exhibition, the “Halleluja World Tour”. Despite hints of Asian calligraphy, Incan and Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew and Arabic script in his work, Retna likens himself more to a typographer rather than inventor of a new language. He talks to about his gang-inspired beginnings, his need to be unhappy and the job that he is here to do.

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Peeta’s Sculptures

PEETA also known as Manuel Di Rita, is a graffiti artist since 1993 currently living in Venice. He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated in graffiti jams and Meeting of Styles events in Europe and the Americas. His work explores the potential of sculptural lettering, both in painting and in sculpture.

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Kiri-e : The Japanese Art Of Paper Cutting

Kiri-e the Japanese art of paper cutting.
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