Living The Dream

It isn’t enough to dare to dream. If you want something you can keep dreaming about it, or you can dare to do what it takes to make your dream come true. This positive way of looking at things seems to work out very well for this European transplant in LA.

If you haven’t noticed, the street artist and avid skater called Chase is on a campaign to help you stay mindful of the power of positive thinking and living a life that feels true to your soul. The artist’s murals, paintings, and stencil art makes abundant use of bright 60s pop colors, humor and uplifting messages to bring positive energy to others, and his work graces more than 200 murals in LA and other cities. Chase has items for sale in stores and has collaborated with Puma, Adidas, Levis (just to name a few).

The principles Chase strives to motivate through his work are representative of the artist’s approach to his own life. Like a lot of kids from broken families, the young skater got into his share of trouble growing up in Antwerp (Belgium), and the artist developed his positive mindset as a kind of survival mechanism. Chase figured out early that doing what you love is the key to being happy, and he began dreaming of getting to Los Angeles to skate. His artwork has been a huge part of what has made his dream possible. Most often, the artist can be found in the streets working on murals, cars, complete stores or billboards. Chase believes that every object presents an opportunity to create something and spread the word about his positive message.

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