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Global City

Amazing mural, Global City by Deck Two.

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Inner Vision

Living in a world of “breaking” news, in a world that information serves the weaken purposes of a few, in a world that the disastrous end seems to be near by our refuge is our memories, our childhood, our lost innocence, the truly free moments we have lived.

When our eyes close and rest, the kid we have purposely neglected and trapped deep inside in our subconscious, awakens and asks a bit of the stolen happiness the few and the powerful stole from us, claims the right to live unconcerned and free despite the grey reality we have to indulge and endure. The child in us sees through the blackness and fire of the modern metropolitan cities, the flower that blossoms.

The child in us sees through the lies and the fall of man, the hope that arises. The child in us, our inner vision is the personal treasure each one of us keeps in the inside, it is the miracle each one of us needs to awaken from the lethargy and overthrow it’s oppressors.

Spreading the inspiration and the expression through art. DESIGNWARS.

artist: iNO – representing DesignWars Team.
Short bio: iNO was born and raised in Athens. He studied at Athens School of Fine Arts. He is involved with painting walls since 2000. He participates graffiti – street art exhibitions since 2003. One of his famous works is “The History of Gas” on Piraeus avenue on Technopolis. His mission is to give walls another dimension.

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Origami Street Art

A temporary installation, not degrading, by french artist Mademoiselle Maurice. Some poetic Street art performed with hundreds of colorful origami glued on the walls of Paris.

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Coca-Cola Zero Graffiti

Intr-un univers paralel toti graferii practica parkour, arata super bine si se imbraca cu haine de firma urbane.
Glumesc, este doar un spot publicitar strain pentru Coca-Cola Zero.

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Million Dollar Vandal

To much bling? NEVER!

- via MADC

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Day/Night Torch

Awesome street art!

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“AITCH x KITRA x SADDO” video pe Vimeo sau YouTube.
Scriam acum cateva saptamani de o mica iesire pe strazile Bucurestiului cu artistii Aitch, Kitra si Saddo la o lipeala de paste up-uri.
A fost foarte chill iesirea si am urcat si un scurt clip cu actiunea lor.
Piesele finale le gasiti pe linkurile lor. Vizionare placuta!

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Dry the River Horses

Dry the River created these huge paper-craft horse posters in collaboration with FOAM creative Xavier Barrade. This short film shows the posters being crafted and fly-posted. Xavier designed the horses in 3D with Google Sketch Up before printing out and assembling the component parts. Each horse took around 35 hours to build.

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Street Delivery Mural

Strada Arthur Verona, Bucuresti.
Work in progress.
Previous mural stage #1.

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MAJOR RAZOR : Stencil Art Exhibition

Exhibition Artist :
ALIAS (Germany) . ANTI TANK (Indonesia) . ASARO (Mexico) . BTOY (Spain)
CABAIO (Argentina) . DECYCLE (Germany) . EGAUSELESS (Indonesia)
GLAM RURY (Poland) . JINKS KUNST (France) . JMX (Indonesia)
OWYS (Germany) . POTBLOT KEN (Germany) . QUINT (Indonesia)
ROAR (Indonesia) . SOT ICY (Iran) . SSST (Indonesia)

Stencil Performance :
GLAM RURY (Poland)
SSST (Indonesia)

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