Street Art London Documentary – Episode 1

Street art is the most spontaneous form of contemporary art nowadays. In this episode, we explore some of main artists and their works around London. We start in Star Yard, a car park with one of the highest concentration of art in London. We explore how some artists have followed Banksy, making strong political messages with their works, while others focused more on the communities around.

Artists (in order of appearance) :
Amara Por Dios, Mr Cenz, Dreph, Carleen De Sozer, Fanakapan, Orbit, Dale Grimshaw, Tom Blackford, Banksy, Thierry Noir, Otto Schade, Subude, Zabou, Jana & JS, C215, Nils Westergard, Ben Slow, Stik, Antcarver, Pyramid Oracle, Dan Kitchener, Gregos, Urbansolid and Borondo.

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