Rock On!

Last month our family watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” We loved it. In fact Gracie was bound and determined to become a street artist when she grew up. I tried to explain that while the art was fun and the story was great, vandalism isn’t a good thing. But she was smitten. Her obsession with Banksy finally wavered a bit after she saw his recent Charlie Brown street art. Oh, ho, ho — you mess with Gracie’s beloved Charlie Brown, and you’ve crossed the line buddy.

Aaaanyway… All that to say, the kids were majorly inspired. Now of course we would never in a million years damage anyone’s property. But we wanted to do something artsy. Something stealthy. Something public. Then I had a bright idea… We spent an afternoon making these guys:

A couple of days later, we stuffed our pockets, hit the town, and stuck our little friends in fun places.

Artsy? Check!
Public? Check!
Stealthy? Check!
Fun? Double check!!
And in no way damaging.

Hopefully we were able to spread a little happiness to anyone who stumbled across these little guys. Here are some of their landing places… Hope you enjoy them too!

Aceste pietre colorate frumos realizate sunt desenate de 4 copii talentati Isaac (13 ani), Gracie (11 ani), Lily (8 ani) si Elijah (6 ani). Un mod foarte simplu de a realiza street art fara sa vandalizezi nimic, folosind materiale nefolositoare si aducand culoare in mediul urban.
Citeste tot articolul si poze colorate suplimentare AICI.

- via Delia

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Posted on January 4, 2012


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