BONOM & LORK – Etterbeek Station
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-via The Orion

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5 Responses to BONOM & LORK

  1. The Orion says:

    i remember that “Arborele Lumii” had gave once in a magazine, a stroboscop paper illusion to make. cool sh?t…burn it. by mistake.

  2. The Monk says:

    Foarte frumos clipul The Orion.Este posibil ca desenele sa nu fie stenciluri? (si sa fie altceva, si ce? Posibil paste-up)

  3. Barto says:

    din pacate, mergand cu trenu, nu se vede efectul asta din video. Si eu m-am gandit la o chestie de genu asta, dar pe niste stalpi, cred ca ar fi mai de efect.

  4. chihiro says:


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