‘Balloon Girl’ by Banksy

“You´re bidding on an original artwork of world-famous street artist Banksy which was sprayed on a wall on Mona Road, Kingston, Jamaica, by the artist during a visit to the island in the year 2004. It is roughly 60 inches by 55 inches and about 7 inches thick. It weighs approximately 2000 pounds. Done by the artist in 2004 on Mona road in Kingston, Jamaica.”
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4 Responses to ‘Balloon Girl’ by Banksy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Şi-au bătut joc de Banksy!

  2. baldovin says:

    Stai sa-i vezi pe politistii de peste o suta de ani cum o sa caute cu lupa si cutitele de restaurare dupa stencilurile noatsre pe care le sterg politisti de azi ;)

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