Cal verde pe perete

Made by KILLEMAL (TM) @ Piaţa Unirii (TM)

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6 Responses to Cal verde pe perete

  1. Dragois says:

    yeah baby, it’s a classic…

  2. The Monk says:

    Ce hater eşti!Zici că-i paste-up!

  3. kps says:

    frate .. da’ am si eu niste lucrari bune :P .. ca sa ma laud .. cand imi faceti si mie o reclama ? :)) .. (coco ma stie :P .. )

  4. kps says:

    bacau .. cretz .. rings a bell ? :)) .. anu’ asta n-ai mai venit la id fest .. ti-a trebuit ungaria :P ..

  5. Anonymous says:

    hello eu sunt cel care l-a taiat si cel car il tinea in timp ce killemal il dadeahessus

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